July 08, 2005

Everything Changes

Take a step back today, and consider the facts of your life. Are there things you need to say to the ones you love? Go and say them, best as you can.

No need for them to be eloquent.

Don't think them out more than necessary. This won't be graded. Imperfect? Awkward, stumbling, trailing off .... to begin again?

Let them be all those things, but let them be present. Put them out there, let them vibrate between you and the person you tell them to. Let them take root.

The words of love, of appreciation, of compassion and of support that you do not say are the ones that people most need to hear.

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M said...

What beautiful thoughts for the early morning. Thank you for a touch of inspiration. Michele sent me.

Pieces of Me said...

I agree...I try to make it a point to say the things that I need to say to my loved ones everyday! It is so easy to forget...We often dont think about how easy we could be gone in a min! Thanks! Here via Michele TTYL

Marti said...

thank you for the gentle reminder....we tend to take friends and family for granted.

michele sent me

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Especially when events like yesterday happen, it is a rememinder not to take our loved one's for granted. Beautiful post, and I'm so glad that Michele sent me!

Thaleia said...

This is a beautiful post and such a terrific picture.. we shouldn't take others for granted, something we tend to do often... I'll keep this in mind

Here via Michele's

The Complimenting Commenter said...

Great advice. Nice job and cool post.