November 16, 2004

An Introduction

I've been considering the move from notebook to computer for a while now. I admit I'm not completely convinced, so I consider this blog to be a finite experiment. As is my nature, I'm optimistic about the results.

People who love something interest me more than people who mock everything, which explains why the people I count as friends are slightly quirky and have deep passions in their lives.

I'm old enough to know that there's a lot I don't know, but young enough to forget that my discovering something doesn't mean I'm the first to discover it. I get enthused by people, places, things, but mostly ideas.

There are very few things I hate, a handful I actively dislike, heaps I like, much I love and even more that I'm grateful for. My aim is to share some of that here.

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moyn said...

=) i like your 3rd paragraph=)