December 13, 2004

The Monday Morning Music List

I do not have an affinity for Mondays, least of all Monday mornings.

It's preparations ruin Sunday evening, tends to arrive too early, last too long and brings with it all those people who realized over the weekend that they'd left things undone. Their lack of planning results in someone else's emergency. Oh, yay.

To combat the inevitable slump in energy and attitude, and in honour of High Fidelity, one of my all-time favourite movies, I give you the top 5 songs battling for dominion in my head on this overcast, gloomy, but reasonably warm Vancouver morning.

One thing to be grateful for: the Smurf Adventures theme song wasn't catchy enough...

1. August Day Song - Bebel Gilberto
2. Pacific Memories - Fenomenom
3. Bedroom Toys - Duran Duran
4. Never Boring - Pet Shop Boys
5. Sing It Back - Moloko

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, great, now I have to go listen to Duran....AGAIN!