January 11, 2005

Cold Weather Callout

So according to my desktop weather indicator from the Weather Channel, it's -5 degrees celsius out there, with the expectation that it'll get colder. (The windchill factor makes it 'feel' like -11). The forecast? Snowfall starting soon, continuing well into tomorrow. I know that compared to the rest of Canada and parts of the United States it's balmy; here it's a perfect excuse to go home and settle in for the night.

But I can't help but think of all the people on Vancouver's streets who don't have a warm place to go, who don't have the luxury of a heated meal and who don't have a secure place to sleep tonight.

Yeah, I'm dwelling again. So here I go, up on my soapbox...

To the four of you who read this on a regular basis, and to any visitors from Blog Explosion. Do something to help someone, somehow. No matter how small you think it is, it'll make a difference to someone.

Donate all those extra clothes, blankets & towels hiding in the back of your closets & drawers.

The camping gear you haven't used since grade 5? It's not doing any good in your storage room. Give it to a local charity that can put it in the hands of someone who could use it. I suggest the
Union Gospel Mission, but there are plenty others who'll happily take your donations.

Picking up groceries? Spend a couple of extra dollars (whatever you're comfortable with) and buy a few extras that you would enjoy getting. Skip the prunes and scary stuff unless you like it yourself. Most grocery stores have drop off boxes, but if not, call your local food bank for the closest drop off.

If you're so inclined, consider the many streetkids out there who'd appreciate pet food for their dog or cat companion. These animals do more than keep them company - in many cases, they keep them safe. The
SPCA runs Charlie's Food Bank, a free pet-food bank for low-income pet owners in the Downtown Eastside. They are always grateful for donations of canned or dry pet food and items such as kitty litter and blankets. Charlie’s food bank provides food for dogs, cats, birds and small animals. [Donations can be dropped off at the SPCA, 1205 East 7th Ave., or at any Lower Mainland SPCA shelter.]

OK. I'm getting off my soap-box now. If you've got other ideas, make a comment and share!

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Michael K. Willis said...

Outstanding advice. We get so wrapped up in our lives that we sometimes forget to take the time to reach out, however we feel comfortable doing so, to others. Thanks.