January 18, 2005

Identity Crisis

Crap! I just realized I inadvertently named my weblog after a Supertramp song.

A song from an album released in 1982.

On vinyl.

Do you know what vinyl is?

Oh. My. God. Goddess. Dog.

My sister was born that year.

And I... well, let's just say I was too young to have bought it for myself.

Why didn't someone point it out?

And should I change the name?


Anonymous said...

i say - keep the name... it's how i knew right away this must be a fellow vancouverite's blog (was randomly surfing in blog explosion - saw the headline, knew it had to be a vancouver-folke who was writing)....

just my 2 cents.

red cedar (http://red-cedar.ca)

Michael_the_Archangel said...

Nah, don't change the name. Have you heard the song? It's not bad - I doubt that anyone really put the connection together.

L-girl said...

Hey, I graduated college in 1982 (yes, I'm that old). I listened to tons of music in those days and I didn't make the connection between the blog title and the song. So don't worry. It's a good name. I vote for keep it.