January 31, 2005

Monday Here We Go Again

I hate Mondays.

They come too soon, scented with the guilt of all I failed to accomplish on the weekend. They arrive, not on little cat's feet, but on jackboots. New ones.

I associate them with unnecessary fire alarms, burnt toast, and annoyingly hearty discussions of the weekend's doings. And coffee breath.

Mondays bring people who've had all weekend to work themselves into a fit, who've started diets, who've weekend warriored (and lost) or spent a harrowing weekend dealing with their relationships. They are NOT of sound mind, and won't return to their regular caffeinated state until at least mid-morning.

People have even written songs about what they think of Mondays, like Rainy Days and Mondays by the Carpenters, I Don't Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats, and more recently, Blue Monday by New Order.

So, if you're in the pit anyways, start your Monday right - check the obits of your city paper. Not on it? Good start.

Feeling angsty? Get in touch with your inner teen, write a little poetry here. That might make things marginally better, if only because of the cheese quotient.

Still in the pit? Check out Despair, INC.

I still hate Mondays, but now I'm laughing.

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