January 05, 2005

Open Heart, Critical Mind

Like many others, I've reflected on 2004, and yes, dwelt on the patterns of error I've traveled. I'm good at dwelling. Years of practice. And worrying at things when they ought to be let alone for a while. Too bad I can't really add that as a skill to the old resume...

Anyways, I don't do the resolution thing, but neither do I want to go into a new year thoughtlessly. I like to have something to hold on to, even if it isn't a list of resolutions, an action plan, or an earnest checklist for success.

Today I came across that something.

"an open heart joined to a critical mind"
While the original phrase was focused on spiritual learning (and should be properly credited to Jacob Needleman, author of "The Heart of Philosophy") it's an appropriate descriptor for how I want to approach the year ahead. 2005 is only 6 days old, and already there've been changes, new ideas, new people, new books and new battles.

I'm fully armed, I am...

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