January 07, 2005

Still snowing!

I wish I could get hello/picasa to work properly so I could post photos, but try as I might I can't get the darn thing to work. Oh dwell. I've decided to spend some time looking for an alternate site to host my photos. If anyone has suggestions please share.

As for the snow....

It's slowed the city right down.
I've seen several people just gazing out the window, lost in thought. There are a few who are using the snow as an excuse to do what they do best(whinging and whining), but I'm pleased to say they're getting drowned out by the other topics of conversation:
* The Ontario snow vs BC snow battle
* Stupid Vancouver drivers who panic at the first snowflake.
* How to make a proper snowball.
* The proper food to have after making snowmen with your friends.
* The joys of skating on a frozen pond.

It's been ages since the last happened. Sigh.


Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can recommend Flckr.com for photo hosting. It's free, has a very generous hosting capacity, and you can blog directly from that sight onto blogspot. It's extremely cool.

Cin said...

Thanks Kim - I've set myself up and am sorting out the how-to's and the why-nots. Time to start posting some Vancouver pics!