February 03, 2005

Her Highness's Fountain

Her Fountain

OK, I'm going to be a self-referencing git. Remember my three part ode to the little criminals? No? Well go look at them already! I'll make it easy - here's part I, II and III. Done that? OK. This here is the little one. Also known as chicken, muffin, gata idiota, her highness, princess and Will-you-please-for-the-love-of-all-that-does-not-suck-be-quiet? [That last one is most often said in tones of anguish and frustration at 1 in the morning when she's wandering round the apartment, yowling with a catnip sock in her mouth.]

This is what I deal with anytime I'm home, even if I was planning on doing unessential things like sleep. She's thirsty, she wants running water, and why didn't I read her mind, dammit?

I am so whipped.

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Snowbabies said...


I don't know what it is with cats and running water, our Toddy is always in the sink as soon as we turn the tap on.