February 04, 2005

Instant Karma

While working on my massive digital photo project (sorting/editing/deleting the 1000's of images on our computer) I heard a huge crash, the sound of a cat bowl falling and some serious scampering. The big one had managed to tip over his waterbowl. Water everywhere. Curses! Detered from my project. I cleaned up, and opted to not put the bowls back - just so they wouldn't try it again while I was working. My loving spouse arrived home minutes after...

My Loving Partner: Why don't the cats have food?
Distracted Me: He spilled water everywhere...
MLP: So you didn't replace it?
DM: No I.... mm... was busy with...water spilled.... opted not.... busy.... (This is what happens when too many threads are running through my mind at the same time - my tongue can't translate.)
MLP: So you're punishing them both?
DM: Not punishing them.... busy... umm.... well... (still can't translate)
MLP: You oughta be reported for being a bad...


DM exits computer room to see what noise was.
MLP stands there with look of amazement on his face - books call that dumb-founded, but I think that's too close to dumb.

There is kibble spattered across entire kitchen and onto the living room carpet.

Both cats are watching with just a smidge of interest. DM knows instinctively that the little criminals are recording the whole thing for future replay over catnip.


Karma's a bitch.

Cooking (With the Cat)
The big one, when not causing havoc.


SithRat said...

rofl - awesome pic -
cats eh? what can you do....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful kitty!


*** X said...

Haiku for a Puddy-tat:

Cat lie on the kitchen stove

food is filled with cat hair for fibre

that or cat catch on fire