April 25, 2005

Let's Just Call This Challenge, Part II

I have been very blue.

Last Wednesday I managed to twist my ankle quite badly, and spent the better part of two days stuck in my apartment icing it. Of course, this coincided with some of the nicest, brightest, hottest days Vancouver has seen so far this year (try 22 degrees Celsius). Just my luck, right? By Friday I was able to put my shoe on (yeah!) and the weekend provided much needed recovery time, but it's Monday morning, and I'm still hobbling.

Bottom line is that I can't participate in many of the activities I enjoy for at least another week for fear of causing more damage.

I'm attempting NOT to feel sorry for myself and focus on getting back on track, but can't help but shake my head in frustration.

Time to go get another ice pack...

If I was going to categorize this little update, it'd definitely be from in .


Cosmo GRRL! said...

Oh another runner! Cool - I'm going to bookmark you (I just surfed in from blogexplosion). Take care of that ankle!

YP said...

Hope the ankle gets better! I'm having problems with my foot and it's killing me being confined to swimming.