April 08, 2005

Mundane Bits

Busy week for this soggy girl, so here, in no particular order, is some of what I've noted but not yet commented on...

The first week of my
learn to run program has been challenging. So far I've learned:
1/ I'm out-of-shape, but not as badly as I thought.
2/ Running with friends is much more fun than running alone.
3/ I need new runners ASAP.
4/ $80.00 CDN + tax is not too much to spend on a decent sports bra.
5/ No matter how you plan it, the weather never cooperates.
6/ Laughing helps me forget how much my calves hurt. So does

This has been a rough week for photography. No matter what shots I took, the results felt pedestrian. It's the operator, not the camera, I'm sure. If it weren't for the cost of film processing/digitizing, I'd use my Canon Rebel a lot more - I love the control it gives me, and despite a year's worth of digital shots, I still think the images I get with my rebel have more depth, more clarity, and more oomph.

This has also been a bad week for art in general - every time I look at a blank page, I get the distinct impression that I'm getting mocked. Snide meows from the two-cat mafia aren't helping. Furry gits.

I haven't attended a belly dance class in weeks, and I'm feeling it. Who knows, I might actually write about it someday...

...and after an amazingly dry February, Vancouver has slipped back into its wait-five-minutes-and-things'll-change style. My closet hates me.

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Pearl said...

Lovely photos of city and kitty toes. We are owned by two cats too. thanks for introducing me to Antonio Machado's poems. Hadn't heard of him.

Anonymous said...

Heh...I hear you. We have the same kind of weather here.

I hope the running gets better. :-)

dawn (http://www.girl-inchoate.com/photos/)