April 29, 2005


And now, an update, some thank-you's, and a random thought or two.

The Darling Spouse
Gets major props for being a sweetheart and taking care of me while simultaneously giving me plenty of space. Sullen is not my best look, but he seems to love me anyways...

The Ankle
Still hurts. Still swollen. Can't run. Can't jog. Can't do any lower body conditioning that puts pressure on the tendons or ligaments. Can't DANCE! Grr. Can't do nothing about it except what I'm doing already.

The Fur Kids
Are both appreciative and confused by my continued presence on the couch. What is that cold blue thing you keep putting on your ankle? And why do you wince when we step on it?

I think their purring is a primitive form of ultrasound.

The Photography
Nonexistent. Combination of too much whining with the inability to walk much has brought my photo-taking down to nil. So instead, I direct you to some of my current favourite photoblogs:
Reflex Photo Reflects and Girl Inchoate. Linda (Ms Dedi) at Reflex Photo Reflects is one of those fascinating people who not only composes pictures but words, and when she puts them together its really something special. Dawn (Girl Inchoate) has more talent than anyone should be allowed to have. Which is another way of saying damn girl, I want that!

The Sketching, Colouring and Painting
Has surprisingly, not come to a grinding halt. I can't stand for long periods of time, so no painting this week, but I'd been working out a few ideas in my sketch book, realized I should use pencil crayon to give it more dimension, which led me to check out some books on 'painting' with pencil crayons at the public library. I had no idea this was possible, but the artwork I've seen so far is fabulous, and has me considering what I would do if I learned the technique.
Gary Greene and Bet Borgeson are truly inspiring!

Speaking of inspiring, if you haven't yet seen
Emily Zasada's art blog, you are truly missing out.

Oh - I need a new sketchbook. Any suggestions?

For the heck of it I started making a list of all the things an inner happy puppy needs in order to stay happy. Eventually I'll post this.

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Pearl said...

Youch. Doctor say you can go back on it by the 4th? Or need more than 2 weeks off it?

Look forward to the happy inner puppy post.

Sleeping Mommy said...

So sorry about the injury, I hate being laid up and having to rely on anyone to help me out. I'd rather do for myself you know?

Anyway, thanks for coming by today via Michele!

Lorna said...

I'm waiting for some down time (hah!!) so that I can read your archives. Come see me again. and remember RICE for injuries, whatever that means...

Gale Zasada said...

I'm glad you like Emily Zasada's art blog. Doesn't she do such a great job?

Thanks for posting that.


Her very biased sister, Gale.