May 20, 2005

Just so y'all know...

I've got a pet peeve I have to share.

'OK' is NOT a reasonable replacement for 'Thank you'.

Neither is hanging up.

If someone does you the favour of helping you out or giving you information on the phone, remember your manners and say 'thank you'. For that matter, remember to say 'please' when you make a request - no 'please' sounds like a demand, and do you really think I'll go out of my way to help you when you can't be respectful to me?

OK. Rant done. I'm tucking the soapbox back in its corner.

Consider this a reminder to mind your from .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

See, you're much more constructive about these pleasant people who don't know their manners. I just get the irresistable urge to wear a sign that says "&@#%! off" the instant I meet one, as is the nature of the bad cat within me.

-Sister Kneival