August 22, 2005

Monday Morning Love List, #2

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Love - The freshly brewed cup of tea I'm enjoying.

Would love even more if - morning had come a little later - say 10am?

Love - The fact that I got to hang out with most of my favourite people this weekend (and yes, Friday evening does count as weekend).

Not so much - that I didn't get to see everyone I love.

Love - that my adorable spouse got up on a real stage this past Friday, took bass in hand, and just RAWKED! (Yeah, in my body beats the heart of a groupie. Go figure.)

Love - my new moleskine notebook, which I just had to buy after finishing off the old one during my vacation.

Not so much - the rip-off version that a store owner tried to sell me "I'm sorry sir - there's no way your low-grade glued-in pages are going to compare with the moleskine's lovely sewn pages. Which lie flat, while yours don't."

Love - the possiblities a fresh week free of screw-ups provides.

Love - the tantalizing promise that with just a few more evenings of work, the sweater I've been knitting off and on might actually get completed.

Not so much - that the kitties equate Mama Cin's current knitting project to a nice, warm cozy spot to sit on. Especially when the needles are clicking.

Love - all the amazing people who've visited and left comments this past week. Do you have any idea how much smiling I do from all your smart, thoughtful and witty comments? My face hurts by the end of the day, but I just can't stop...

So... what's on your list today?

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colleen said...

Love tea as well! The butterflies in my yard and the corn!