August 15, 2005

Monday Morning Love List

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Love - the fact that when I get up at 5:30 (ish) the sun isn't already blazing down into the apartment.

Not so much - the fact that 5:30 (ish) still comes WAY too early afte a too-short weekend.

Love - the possiblities a fresh week free of screw-ups provides.

Love - The fact that I have at least another full month of enjoying open-toed sandals at work.

Not so much - the fact that eventually panty hose WILL be required (I'm plotting how to get around that, trust me!)

Love - the colours showing up in the stores for fall - finally it's not just a sea of beige & black (I like those too, but not everyone does...)

Not so much - the faux boho look at work. Note to designers: I work a corporate job. There is no way I can make a gipsy skirt and faux-ethnic beaded trim top look work appropriate, even if I do invest in the new shrunken jacket. And no, the cleverly styled spreads in the fall magazines or soothing sounds from overly-glossed sales weasels will not make me more comfortable with the concept.

What's on your list today?


Anonymous said...

Lovin' Miss NoBones' Tummy fur, which is currently pointed straight up towards the kitty heavens in an attempt to stay cool.

colleen said...

I also love foot reflexology and the sign you have posted about loving yourself!