August 26, 2005

(My version of) Vacation Slides - Part 1

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I consider the place we stayed at earlier this month to be one of the most serene places ever built on the West Coast. Situated on a 7 acre forest lot, the Forest House is a marvel.
Every item carefully chosen, this place was designed by the owner and the architect to be touched, enjoyed and savoured. Here's a sampling of what we enjoyed that week.

Our front door for the week, complete with the gift of Ikebana.

The hand hewn bench from where I watched the deer graze.

One of the best places to watch the deer, play the guitar, read, or simply lie back and dream away an afternoon.

The owner thought of everything - from the gently trickling fountain to the table of art supplies, there was always something else to savour.


dena said...

That's incredible. It's almost magical looking. Reminds me of something from a fairy tale. Love it!

Visiting from Michele's.

colleen said...

I honestly feel more relaxed after seeing those photos. Gorgeous!! Michele sent me today...glad I came.

ME Strauss said...

Thanks for sharing. I think I'll come back later to take a little vacation in my mind.


utenzi said...

Hi Cin! Michele sent me. I'll come back and visit a bit once I get an assay in the counter.

Marti said...

Heaven...the pictures look so relaxing, calm and soothing...I'm soooo jealous.

Have a great weekend :)

Visiting via Michele

MB said...

I'm visiting via fondofelves.

I love this place. I've decided I want to live there! LOL It looks so peaceful and serene! Magical! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

chatty said...

wow, that's amazing! Thanks for sharing!

michele sent me.

deputyswife said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

Your vacation spot looks wonderful!