September 13, 2005

Monday Morning Love List, #5

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Yes, I know it's late.
Sorry. I had it written out and then it got eaten. Guess it was my turn.

Love - That I got to make my first stew of the season last week, and it made the place smell so good that the big cat was drooling (more than usual, that is). Yes, he did get his own bowl in the end...

Love - That I really pushed myself at the session with the trainer last week.

Not so much - that I ached for days!

Love - the fact that my sweetie gives me a ride in the morning, even if he's running late. He tells me he'd rather be late than have anything happen to me. Now that's love.

Not so Much - the migraine that hit me on Thursday and made me miss my bellydance class. Will go this week, I swear!

Love - That I'm finally getting some things off my to-do list that have been on there for long enough for me to cringe when I see them.

Love - That it's possible for me to generate my own error messages here.

Love - That I've found an online community who understands my need to hold on to my old Victoria magazines, even if my darling spouse doesn't.

Love - The possiblities a fresh week provides.

Love - All the amazing people who've visited and left comments this past week.

So... what's on your list today?


Jessica said...

Hello - Michele sent me!

What a great idea - Monday Morning Love List. I tried the month of happiness but fell off the wagon after a few days! I can probably handle something that only requires me to stop complaining one day a week rather than every day for a month.

I really like your blog. And I read your profile - A Winter's Tale is one of my favorite books, also. I just got A Dove of the East by Mark Halperin but I haven't had time to start reading it yet.

Anonymous said...

On my list? My cat. Because if I didn't love Miss No Bones, I'd have to kill her for chewing on not one, but TWO entirely different computer speaker cords.

Anonymous said...

PS- I think that her aunt should have to take her on the weekends. You know, to be fair. :P

msdedi said...

this is a wonderful post, thanks for the smiles