September 30, 2005

Rain or Shine, Life Is Fine

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So last night it was still raining when I went to bed. I don't know what it's like in your workplace, but in mine it's de riguer to complain about it. Personally I believe there's something serene and wonderful about a good rain... it spreads a blanket of white noise over the city, washes dirt and grime down drains, provides much needed moisture to the green that we all take for granted, and gives a fabulous glow to the city streets.

The weathermen have made me hopeful. They say the rains will gradually lighten and eventually end. There's a good chance that by the time 8:30am on Sunday rolls around, the streets will still be slick but not too wet for the CIBC Run For The Cure. I didn't hit my goal this year, but I did raise over 50% of it, so this is the spot in the post where you picture a big smile on Ms Cin's face while she thanks all the folks who donated so generously, including my new friend Ciera. Do yourself a favour and visit her site - the girl has a delightful way with words.

Anyways, I'm going to have me a low-key weekend --- work on a newsletter, take some photos, play with photoshop, read more of Martha Beck's Finding Your Own North Star, do a little yoga, coddle the furballs, write letters, and if I'm really feeling ambitious, knit. That's right. KNIT.


Ciera said...

Here from Michele's. I am now at a loss for words.

Hope you're run goes well. Better 50% of a goal than none, right?


Ciera said...

Oh yeah - I like the sound of rain too. There's something calming about it.

Dan said...

It's been chucking it down all day here in the cold and frozen north of England too. I work in a windowless office so the only clue I get that it's raining is when I can hear it on the corrugated roof! It gets tedious after a while though (and by that I mean three days lol).

here via Michele's

Jessica said...

Hi Cin - thanks for stopping by. Given my addiction to self-help books, Finding Your North Star is one that I've thought of buying. Let me know how you like it - I can always use another one in my collection!

I also knit - I'm almost done with a baby blanket. I'll have to post a picture. I find it relaxing (except when I'm having trouble with a pattern and then it's crazy-making!).

utenzi said...

I like the picture, Cin. There's something about cityscapes in the rain that aids contemplation.