September 28, 2005

The Yowler of Yaletown Takes a Break

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Taken this past Saturday, I was going to unveil these photos on Friday, as that seems to be the traditional cat blogging day...

But then started raining a day ahead of schedule
..folks visibly wilted at the unexpectedly dark sky
..I started dreading this afternoon's dental appointment

And I decided to put a smile back on my face, and with any luck, on yours.

Sunning: The key ingredient to keeping his whites white and his darks dark...

Considering what kind of snack to order from me, the humble tailservant?
Or wishing I'd just get the damn camera out of his space?


Kathryn said...

I get that same expression on my face when the sun comes out (not now), nice!

Wickwire said...

Phew, my computer froze on me and the only thing I could think of was, "I told Cin I'd be there to visit."

Ah precious little cat. That first picture, he looke like he's thinking, "the sun feels so nice." Then the second one, "do you mind?"

Vancouver eh? I've been there a number of times. There's a place I used to love but now I can't remember the name because I'm dumb like that, Wazoobie's or something like that.

netchick said...

I love that look on the cat's face. "Screw off with the camera. Like now. Before I scratch your face off." heheh...

Hey, Cin, I was going to suggest you come out and join in the blogger fun we've been having lately. Last night it was off to The Rugby Club, and the week before that it was Seven on Burrard. Shall I include you in the next event? Always small gatherings... Nothing overwhelming! It would be great to meet you!

Cin said...

Kathryn - the sun is supposed to be out this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed.

Wickwire - are you thinking of Subeez?

Netchick - I'd love to join in!

netchick said...

Hi Cin!

I'll add you to the evite for next Friday's fondue gathering! I'm not sure if you know any of the other bloggers in town (or you are probably 1 degree off!) but we're all just getting to know each other! It's at my place.. Look for an evite in your inbox!

Barb said...

What a cute kitty, and what a cool cat hammock! Where can I get one?