October 13, 2005

No I Really Wasn't Kidding About The Christmas Stuff....

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I remembered to bring my camera to the office today, and took these shots during my lunch hour.

It's tough to read, but the ornate writing on the window reads
" Visit our Christmas Street shop located on the 5th floor".

OK - I'm guilty - I went to check it out. It was impressive. And way too early, as comments on the previous post show. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all get through Halloween before thinking (and stressing on) Christmas? But now it's on my radar, which is ultimately what the retailers want.

The rainbow effect is from the prismatic 80's sticker material they used.

I did like the seagulls...

... and a folksy Santa or two is more or less standard....

... but those nutcrackers creep me out!

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