October 25, 2005

An Open Letter

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Dear Sharan Newman,

Please stop writing such good books. You're completely distracting me. I've taken to reading your books with pen & notebook at hand, just so I can make note of anything that catches my interest and requires further investigation.

My list is LONG.

It's not fair of you to write such interesting and obviously well-researched books. It's doubly unfair that you seem to be one of the few who's been able to successfully carve out a career doing what you love. I suppose the Macavity Award you received for your first book gave you a hint that you were on to a good thing.

So... if you wouldn't mind not publishing anything new until after Christmas, I'd really appreciate it. It'll allow me to get back on track, (maybe even get to the gym regularly) and my sweetie might be able to come to bed and NOT have to ease my glasses off my face and put away my book. It's not that sexy after a while, if it ever was to begin with...

On the other hand, there are books at the local library that are probably overjoyed at being employed once again. And I'm sure you're on her highness' Christmas card list - she's getting lots of lap time as a result.


Ms Cin

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iliana said...

I can't resist mysteries. I will definitely be checking these out!