October 11, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend Review

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So are all the Canadians recovered from the Thanksgiving weekend?

I am, but only just. I could've used a couple more days off to recover from all of this:

Friday: Went to a great fondue party at Tanya's and had a chance to meet a great cross-section of people, including local bloggers Donna, Andrea, and Daymented.

Saturday: Granville Island for groceries & desperately desired chai. Trees were gorgeous - I was wishing I'd remembered to bring my camera pretty well from the word go. The darling partner & I were able to do most of our shopping there, with a side trip to Choices for the stuff we couldn't find (like salad dressing). He's been steadily working his campaign against using plastic bags, so we bought one of light-weight carry bags from Choices.

Spent the evening in solitude, which I REALLY needed; did more work on the newsletter I'm editing, finished another book (not worth reviewing, trust me), and eventually sat my behind down on the couch and immersed myself in the BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries.

The whole thing.

Yeah, I know it was nuts.

So immersed was I that I kept forgetting the knitting I had in hand. At that pace I'm never going to finish this sweater in time to get on with my next project.

Sunday: More work on newsletter, wandering around the apartment aimlessly, tried to do some preliminary sketches for a painting. Turkey fest at the sister-in-law's that evening. Where did all those people come from? Intense discussion with dad-in-law about newsletter, upcoming events. Avoided a certain person, as he irritates the heck out of me. Got stuck with him for the duration of dinner, but made a fast escape without letting him get me riled up. Yeah me! Hung out with the nieces on couch instead.

Couch + turkey coma = ability to ignore just about anything.

Monday: Meh. Ten hours of me with a computer, a newsletter, and two fighting furballs. Some lots of cursing. Final draft done, but I need it to sit for at least a day before I give it the final review.


Keb said...

That was as crazy as my weekend! I crammed in all my homework and took my final by thursday, friday we drove 700 miles for graduation commencement (mine), drove home sunday and worked yesterday and then celelbrated my happy birthday!
PS - Michele sent me.

Kathryn said...

BBC Pride & Prejudice --- nothing crazy about that at all. Colin Firth, wet?? Yummilicious!

Suburban Turmoil said...

I read the word "solitude" and just got sooo envious...

Solitude. What a worthy concept.