October 05, 2005

Too Tired To Pretend Intelligence

I stayed up way too late last night. I really want to whine about it, but it's my own ruddy fault - I got all involved in a project, and when I finally emerged it was after 11 and household-y type things still needed to be done.

I'm very bad at household-y things.

Normally the darling spouse and I aim to do the tidying up together, mostly because he's infinitely better at it than I am and keeps me from having an ADD moment and wandering off. But last night he passed out in exhaustion on the couch with a cat and a blanket, and I simply didn't have the heart to wake him, no matter how tired and (approaching) crabby I was.

So I tidied. Dishwasher got stacked, kitchen island cleared off, cats fed, cat box cleaned, random crap done. I could go to bed knowing it wouldn't sit there in all its accusing glory the next morning.

And then the worst thing possible happened; I got my second wind. Who gets their second wind at midnight? I was exhausted and bright-eyed and desperate for sleep but had a million thoughts running through my mind like deranged squirrels.

I like squirrels, but this was ridiculous.

One in the morning came and went. I started getting worried that I'd not hear my alarm go off in oh, 4 hours...

Then the 2-cat mafia rescued me.

They'd had enough of my tossing and turning, and moved in. Like, REALLY moved in. I couldn't turn. I couldn't move, actually. They'd each decided to give up their "mom she's breathing my air" fighting tactics and pinned my body down with theirs. Must've worked though - I never did see one thirty...

But Oh! Am I tired! Wish they'd thought of it sooner.

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