November 18, 2005

All (Well Most, or Some At Any Rate) Is Revealed

Thanks to everyone who responded to my Wednesday post. I've compiled the list, and here are the answers.

From Indigo:
1. Why did you begin blogging? It seemed like the natural next step (I'm a daily journaler and gatherer of odd observations), and I'd got to the point where I wanted to share the journey with others.

2. How much time to you put into your blog a day? Most days about 1/2 hour to 1 hour, although there are some posts that will sit in my drafts section for weeks while I keep re-tooling them, and I'm constantly writing bits and bites down in my favourite moleskine notebook.

From Ciera:
3. What do you like most about being married? Waggling eyebrows - the companionship. That and the sense of shared history that comes with knowing each other for so long.

4. What was the inspiration behind the title of you blog? I'd guess location, but I could be wrong...??? Mostly the location, but also the pensive state of mind I fall into when the rain falls on the windows and the only company I have are my thoughts. This has NOTHING to do with that eighties tune by Supertramp, I swear.

From Layman:
5) Why do you think Tanya is so lovely? LOL - I think she's lovely because she's got that certain joie de vivre that so many people lack, and she's probably one of the most authentic people I know.

6) What is the colour of happiness? White - that's when all the colours are getting along swimmingly...

From Keb:
7. What, if any, of our senses would you give up, in order to make another stronger? I'm pretty happy with the state of things actually, so I wouldn't want to give up anything. Sad as it is. I'm used to the way I experience the world, and wouldn't change it voluntarily.

8. What disease did the cured ham have? CSC - Cranky Swine Syndrome.

From Netchick
9. What restaurant is your favourite? That would be a toss-up between Hart House and Aqua Riva, but it really does depend on the circumstances.

10. If you could pinpoint a moment in time when your entire life changed, what point in time would that be? The day I started a small-scale riot in my elementary school gym class. My first moment of activism and feminist ire, it was a child's reaction to being told she was somehow less because she was a girl. Repeat it with me folks - "Do not piss off the latina!"

From OldOldLadyOfTheHills:
11. How old were you when you first realized that Boys were different from Girls? I can't think of a time when I wasn't aware of it! But if I had to give it a time line, I 'd say maybe 4 or 5?

From Col:
12. What super power would you like to have?The ability to freeze people in their tracks - especially if they're in the midst of saying stupid things that are going to cause me to lose respect for them.

13. What do you *really* think of the TomKat situation? ;) That's tough. My initial reaction was "who cares?", but since there's always an update available, I've found I've formed an opinion, however unwillingly, and it's this: there's something seriously wrong when a perfectly capable woman hands over control of her life and her future to someone else. Even if he is Tom Cruise.

So looking back over my answers, I'd have to say that my feminist leanings have been outed, if they weren't already obvious, that is.

Feel free to try this at home kids!


doris said...

Ahh! Glad you switched the comments thingy on! So you have the eyebrow thing with your husband too! But I'm not joking :-) Thanks to Michele for bringing your blog to my attention.

Ciera said...

Cin! Cool. that was fun! :)

netchick said...

Heya chick! I'm so totally flattered! Thanks for the lovely comment...

And I enjoyed your answers!!

Keb said...

Great answers! I am a closet feminist. It comes out more and more the older my daughters become.