November 16, 2005

Ask Me A Question Why Doncha?

So. Celebrating one year of blogging today. Yeah!

Taking a page from the lovely Tanya at Netchick, I'm going to leave it to all my fabu visitors to help me create my Friday blog post.

How it works: Please leave a comment to this post asking 2 questions about me and I will answer them all by noon on Friday afternoon. If you want to use this idea for your blog, please do.

Have fun!


Indigo said...

Hello! Congratulations Cin! Michele sent me today, and here are my questions:
1. Why did you begin blogging?
2. How much time to you put into your blog a day?

Ciera said...

Hi Cin! Congrats on the year anniversary!

question number 1 - what do you like most about being married?
2 - What was the inspiration behind the title of you blog? I'd guess location, but I could be wrong...???


Claire said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

layman said...

Hi, here by way of NetChick

1) Why do you think Tanya is so lovely?
2) What is the colour of happiness?

Keb said...

Congrats on the anny! Michele sent me. I did this last week and had a blast.

1. What, if any, of our senses would you give up, in order to make another stronger?

2. What disease did the cured ham have?

netchick said...

Heya Chickie!

This one's sure getting it's rounds! :)

1- What restaurant is your favourite?

2- If you could pinpoint a moment in time when you entire life changed, what point in time would that be?

col said...

happy blog bday :)

1. what super power would you like to have?

2. what do you *really* think of the TomKat situation? ;)