November 02, 2005

A Yowler Update

Results are in! The blood work showed all systems are normal. BIG sigh of relief.

We did find out that one of his teeth has lost its enamel and needs to get yanked, so we've decided that both members of the 2-cat mafia will be going in for a dental checkup/cleaning. Luckily our vets deal with Care Credit, so we're now pre-approved in case of emergencies (or things like dental).

Wish we'd had it before this latest episode, but there's no point in dwelling on it?
I don't want to ever make a health decision for them based purely on finances...


Ciera said...

Dental for cats...who knew? {{Spoken like someone who doesn't have a cat!}}

rashbre said...

Is it as scary taking a cat to the dentist as going oneself? I bet it is!

Hello, and Michele sent me!


Cin said...

I'm VERY bad with dentists, so I hope not! On past visits they've been given something to put them out for the process so I don't think they recall the actual cleaning.

Michael Manning said...

HI: Michele sent me!