January 25, 2006

All About You...ummm, Me....ummmm....

Thanks to the lovely and always entertaining Michele for this week's All About You test. Check it out on her website if you'd like to participate (and really, who doesn't like to talk about themselves?!) or feel free to leave your answers in the Comments section here. And now, on with the show...

Q - If you drop food on the floor do you toss it out, or follow the five second rule?

A - Generally, must to the dismay of Cin, I follow the five second rule - even if the Yowler has managed to get part of it and I have to chase him around the condo screaming obscenities. This is particularily amusing when we're running late for work and I'm not yet wearing any pants.

Q - Have you ever talked to your house plants?

A - Yes. Usually it's confined to "goddamn it, why do you leak all over the bloody place??" It's no wonder why we don't have any indoor plants anymore. Cut flowers seem to agree with me.

Q - In your opinion, how late is too late to telephone someone?

A - If it would piss me off to be called at that hour, then that's the qualifier right there. I hate phones to begin with, so really, calling me at any hour is going to irritate me.

Q - If you suddenly found yourself in Starbucks, what would you order?

A - Sigh. Ok. Fine. Here we go...mock me all you want. A venti non-fat, extra-hot, no-foam maple/gingerbread/vanilla latte (depending on the season). People seem to roll their eyes a lot when I step up to the counter, kind of like "oh great, he's one of those typical downtown people...". I get a lot of that - luckily I no longer have the sudden homicidal urge to beat people to death with a day-old biscotti.

Q - Without peeking, what direction are you currently facing.

A - Northeast. That bloody glowing orb in the sky piercing the blinds of the office across from mine is reinforcing this point.

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