January 23, 2006

So I took That Bunny Test...

you suck, and that's sad
You are the "you suck, and that's sad" happy bunny.
Your truthful, but can be a bit brutal.

which happy bunny are you?

Damn. And here I thought I was all sweetness and light.


Zoƫ (Tanya's friend) said...

Well, luck me, I am the "you smell like butt" bunny. I am brutally honest and always say whats on my mind. which is strange, cause that's some how similar to yours except that while you are just sad and suck, i actually smell like butt. you definitely got the better result :o)

aka_monty said...

Oh dear, I got "you are the "you're so dumb" happy bunny. you are brutal in your words and enjoy putting others down."

Okay, so it's a LITTLE true. :)