January 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Colour My World

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1. Purple is the colour of the bedding, hence the nickname Purple People Sleeper. This will change to white come spring. We're a seasonal bunch.

2. Pink is the colour that caught my fancy for todays' background.

3. Cherry Red is on my love list, and it seems to be the colour of many of our little kitchen gadgets. I read somewhere that it'll be one of the 'in' colours for spring.

4. Gray is the colour of both the sky and surf these days, and its making me a little blue.

5. British Racing Green is my chosen colour for the little two-seater MG I'd like to get someday.

6. But Silver would be preferable if I had the cash for an old Jaguar E-type.

7. Vanilla, Hazelnut, Chocolate and Espresso are some of my favorite flavours. They also describe the shades and hues I'd like to do my living room in.

8. The sweater I just took apart and am planning to neglect for a while is a boucle yarn of Navy, Green and Raspberry. It looks a lot prettier than it sounds. I'll probably pick it up again in a few months.

9. White is the colour of my grandmother's soft and silky hair. I have watched it change throughout the years, and think fondly of it's soft sweet scent. Mine is almost black, but I know it too will change eventually. I'm not as concerned about this process as I thought I'd be.

10. I have no idea what colour my skin is. Is it beige? Is it pink? Depends on the time of year, the social situation. I'm the type who goes red when I blush, that's all I know..

11. Black is the colour of almost all my clothes. Red is the colour of the clothesbrush I use to remove all the cat fur. The cat fur is the usual cat fur colours.

12. The photographs I remember most when growing up were sepia or black and white. Perhaps that's why I'm so drawn to that finish now.

13. Orange is the wrapper I removed from my new moleskine. Black is the colour of it's oilskin cover, inside, I'll write in every colour of the rainbow.

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Dubs said...

LOL! I love your blog! Very creative TT. :) I'll jump back and visit again. I'd love to be linked!


"D" said...

beautiful! Now I can close my eyes and see all those pretty colors! My 13 are up!

Uisce said...

What an excellent list! I used to have a red kitchen back in a former life. And boy was it hard back in the 80's/90's to get red stuff for it!

My 13 are up!

Jay said...

What a wonderful idea for a list.

Tommi said...

Cute list!! Makes me happy!

Megan said...

I love this list! I also love the colors you're planning for your living room; I want to do my bedroom in them. Thanks for stopping by today.

My 13 are up.

Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by my TT! What a creative list! :)

I like the sepia and black and white pictures too. :)