February 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: The Random is Just Busting Out Today!

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Thirteen Random Thoughts Running Rampant Through My Mind

1. I need flat shoes. Like, now. I decided that I need to start walking to work in the mornings rather than having the sweetie drive me, and wouldn't you know it? My foot found the hidden pothole on Seymour Street. In goes the foot, down goes the Cin, ouch goes the knee.

2. I now have a skinned knee. Dammit. On the plus side, maybe it'll eradicate the mark I got from the last skinned knee. Yeah. I'll cling to that hope.

3. My sister will start laughing at me the moment she reads this. It's a freakin' running joke with her that I am uncertain on my feet. I'm constantly tripping, falling, buckling, mis-stepping and otherwise making a mess of myself. Shut up! It's not funny. Blame it on the boobs.

4. Last night was freakin' cold. How cold was it you ask? Cold enough for Her Highness to have a majorly cold wet nose which she snuffled lots, and for the Yowler to actually snuggle up to Lunch's feet. Granted his feet were covered by the ever-popular fleecy blanket, but still. They're FEET.

5. I couldn't help myself, even though I was tired last night I had to indulge in the latest episode of Gilmore Girls. Do you know what it's like to go to bed with Gilmore banter in your head? Do you?

6. I'm running out of shampoo. And conditioner. I've been stressing for a week on what brand to switch to, as the one I'm currently using is great for my hair, but not so great for the environment or the cuddly creatures in it. Problem is, my past experience with animal friendly, non-sodium laurel sulfate'ed, eco brands has resulted in less than favourable results. Does anyone know of a decent option? I'm considering ABBA. It's Vegan, it's friendly, and the company that carries them actually pays you to recycle, in the form of money off on your next purchase.

7. I had a serious case of the oopsies last night. While cooking, no less! I dropped containers, I had vegetables flinging themselves away for fear of contact with the knife. A rebellious stick of celery tried knocking over the teapot. It was chaos! Chaos! And then I made the mistake of adding Balsamic Vinegar to the stew, not Soy Sauce. I swear it's not my fault. The bottle was in the SS's place, and they're the same shape. Luckily my mistake didn't ruin anything - it just added a kick.

8. I forgot basic physics and dried out the cork on my bottle of port. So when I went to pop it open last night and have a tipple while adding some to the beef stew I was creating... the lid snapped off and the cork stayed stuck. By this point I knew I was having a bad night, so I got Lunchtruck to remove the cork. And I decided drinking while chopping might not be such a good idea. The cats agreed.

9. I'm still sorting through all the photos I took on Sunday. And writing down all the history I've learned during my research. With any luck, you'll all see it tomorrow. How the heck do I get myself obsessed like this? And why am I already considering the next project?

10. I went to visit Queenie over at Treading Lightly on Powdered Sugar and read her were-sloth entry, then promptly snorted hot tea while laughing. I'm still laughing. Go. Read. You'll understand. And if you don't, well, you've obviously never hung out with Lunch and I. It's EXACTLY the sort of thing we'd come up with. If we ever watched the Howling.

11. Now I'm tempted to go find a copy of Bunnicula. Or The
Celey Stalks At Midnight
. Oh oh. Just read the entry on the wiki. I may have to re-read the set - who knew there was a Bunnicula Strikes Again?

12. Hmm. Now I want to watch Shaun of The Dead again. Cause you can't beat a good zombie movie.

13. Something I've learned that I've gotta share: Don't EVER eat spinach dip with squeemish people while watching zombie movies. They'll turn as green as the dip you're sharing.

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Queenie said...

Oh, you HAD to bring up the Bunnicula! I LOVED those books, and I'm actually buying them for our impending arrival.

Megan said...

Wow. Now I have to watch my shampoo too? Its not good enough to have no animal testing? Ugh. You might also look into Jonathan Product (from the guy from "Blowout"). I heard that's Vegan, too. You can get it on Sephora.com.

Thanks for stopping by today!

My 13 are up!

And you are linked.

Kimmy said...

I ran out of shampoo and conditioner a few months ago. I was so excited to find a different brand that smelled so yummy...I bought two different scents. When I got home I realized they were all conditioners!

My 13 are up!

Dariana said...

I love it when people do the random thought thing. What a great list. Its been a VERY long day, sorry I am so late in getting by. Thanks for visiting Almost An Angel, please come back soon! Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

So you fell walking to work, eh? Skinned your knee?.....This is to easy. I'm not going to say a word. (cough)




Anonymous said...

Argh...Too! TOO easy. I freaking hate typos. topys?

Cin said...

Megan - Thanks for the suggestion - I'll check that out. Would you believe I've never gone on to the Sephora website?

Queenie & Anonymous V: I'm so glad I brought back good memories for you - and I think I'm going to have to invest in my own copies of the books. Not like there's any *ahem* chance of borrowing them from my sweet little sister...

Everyone with 13's - I'm updating all links this morning!

Maribeth said...

Just stopping in to say Hi! I've been busy with Shubi and didn't want you to think I'd forgottn you.

netchick said...

Heya Cin!

Guess who? Ya, the one who keeps getting overwhelmed... Anyhooo! Would you guess that I have a free night with M tonight? Would you guys like to go out to Central with us?

Drop me an email and let me know -- Not sure if you get personal email at work, so that's why I'm leaving this publically :)

Michele said...

I am unable to enter a kitchen without an oopsie happening. So, I actually enjoy reading about others who share this talent. Although, I am certain that yours is not as constant.

rohn said...

you live in vancouver bc ?? and it rains always ?? there is no end to my envy i live in dry san antonio except it's drizzling !! today and i seem to be obsessed with bloglinking from kick shoe kooy to reflex photos to it's raining again !! yeah to treading lightly on powdered sugar and back to raining again but i don't understand what 13 is about not being a member of this clan i guess i should ask can i leave my link http://rohnbayesjourney.typepad.com/ it's poetry i don't get comments just curious looks but it's monday and i'm not going to work !! too drizzly damn i wish i lived in vancouver bc i'm having so much fun reading about the werepeople now i am inspired to eat almonds sip coffee all day and hang out with my inner wereperson thank you so much or was it powdered sugar ??