March 22, 2006

I'm Irritating Myself At This Point...

I don't care that everyone else says it's Wednesday. As far as I'm concerned, this week has yet to get past Monday.

It's the only explanation for how flat-out crappy it's been.

Normally I refuse to discuss work on this blog, and I'm going to stick to that now, so without revealing ANYTHING AT ALL, I will say this - there's a full moon out there somewhere.

Do I need to tell y'all that by the time I got home Monday evening (the original one), I was well and truly sick of people, even the nice ones?

And then I got sick.

Not "I'm-not-feeling-well-maybe-I'll-take-an-Advil" sick - that I can handle. No, this was like a lone cell in my body sent out an all-points directive for everything to shut-down, plug-up, dry-up or ache RIGHT NOW. Within 15 minutes I was snorfling like an overweight bulldog, coughing and sneezing so hard even the cats lifted their heads with a "what the hell was that?" look on their faces, and when I lay down in the hopes of sleeping it off I honestly thought I was having an asthma attack.

It was ugly.

And then it got uglier when the DS insisted I rub Vick's vaporub on my upper chest and neck. Oh yeah. Nothing like piling on the ick factor there, babe.

I hate everything about this stuff, from the scent to the stickiness to the niggly question of where does it go when you're asleep? So I insisted I'd be fine without it, he insisted he wasn't going anywhere until I'd done as I was told, and I realized that even thinking about a stand-off with him was exhausting me. I fell asleep with the covers up to my ears, surrounded by tissues and feeling like a prize-fighter had taken it on himself to thoroughly beat on my back and chest.

The next morning, that Vicks was gone. I tried not to to think about it.

Unfortunately my sense of direction was gone too, as was my voice. I called the office and said I wasn't coming in, and felt like a rat for doing so. Then I managed to walk into a wall which I knew perfectly well was there, all because I was all disoriented and needing to go like a person who should've gone an hour ago. Great laughs, really. I did zip, zilch and nada for the rest of the day, and was still exhausted at the end of it. The DS did his best to take care of me, and got a sad-eyed, cranky, exhausted & slightly weepy Cin for his efforts.

This morning I hauled my whiny heinie into work only to have my voice quit on me within the first hour, and then have various co-workers insist I'm trying to adopt an "accidently-sexy" voice. Um... my voice is already low, and with this cold I sound like a freakin' boy... How can that possibly sound sexy?

Tomorrow, I'm having a real Thursday, not this faux Monday crap. And Friday had better rock.


Keb said...

Good luck and I hope you get to feeling better! Michele sends me today.

Sandy said...

Ugh. I hope the waning days of the week are more like Fridays.

THanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Sue said...

Well since today is Thursday, I hope you are finally current or at the very least on Friday :)