April 21, 2006

It's Alive!

I've been a little distracted lately, and have committed the blogger's cardinal sin of not posting.

I could trot out the usual excuses, but the truth is I needed a little break - I've been doing some goofy mindless things, some intensely mind-numbing things, and a few unexpectedly panic-inducing things, none of which I felt up to writing about at the end of the day.

Anyways, here's a round-up of my week...

Sometimes it's a mistake to let your inner brat guide you: A beautiful, very well & expensively dressed young woman had herself a foot-stomping, high-pitched shrieking hissyfit on Seymour yesterday afternoon because "she couldn't get a cab in this goddamn city". She was loud enough to cause the staff at the establishment I was at to stop what they were doing and watch her with amusement, then snort in disgust at her uncouth behavior. Ye gads.

Public art can be upsetting, at least to the canine population: This is the THIRD time in as many weeks that I've watched some poor dog bark itself silly at the bull statue by Second Cup on West Georgia & Richards. Maybe it's the molded feet.

Despite it all, there are kind people in the world: I've seen several acts of kindness this week, ranging from watching a young man very discreetly handing out fresh fruit and sandwiches to the homeless folks that came into his path (I was walking behind him so I got to watch the transactions), a lady letting a harried mom go in front of her at a busy drug store, to a young woman in a coffee line who noticed that the lady in front of her was laden with bags and looking tired, so she offered to bring her coffee when it was ready, if she'd like to go have a seat. These are small things I know, and in a different day and age they would have been considered no more than common courtesies, but these days they aren't as common as they once were.


If you learn something new in Photoshop, write it down. Don't count on your memory. If it's as bad as mine, you will forget something crucial...

Public Transit is not that bad, but the drivers can be.

Sometimes there's a very good reason why a movie hasn't been pre-screened.

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Pearl said...

Thanks for sharing some lovely moments of human kindness.

And sometimes the inner brat really really REALLY wants out and NOOWWW. ;-)