June 02, 2006

Another Addition to the "Want To Do" List

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What's This?

The Unfurling at VAG 1
Ooh - I recognize that! Now I'm curious...

The Unfurling at VAG 2

From the Vancouver Art Gallery Website...

June 10 to September 17, 2006

This landmark survey exhibition of Haida art will feature more than 200 works, including some of the finest examples of Haida art produced over the last two hundred years. From monumental poles and exquisitely carved masks and argillite to remarkable spruce root weaving, the exhibition will reveal the importance of narrative in Haida Art, as well as the importance of the land and waters of Haida Gwaii within Haida cultural expression. Raven Travelling will include such luminaries as Charles and Isabella Edenshaw, John Cross, Simeon Stihlda, and many other great 19th century Haida master artists. The exhibition traces the development of traditional Haida form and will also explore new directions in Haida art, including works by the late Bill Reid, Robert Davidson, Isabel Rorick and other contemporary Haida artists.

Oh. I am so going. Who's in?

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Claire said...

It looks absolutely fantastic, hope you have a great time!