August 04, 2006

Nocturnal Transmissions

It's late in the evening, an anguished yet curiously muffled “mrowr” can be heard. It's not the usual furry suspect either, so what's going on?

Oh. It's HER. She found mouse, dammit.

When mouse first arrived, it was pretty – red felt body, little green ears, dark yarn for a tail. Catnipped, of course.

A year down the road, it's been rubbed, body-checked, drooled on, stuffed under the oven, and now has no resemblance to a mouse, cute or not. And we can't throw it out. She finds it. She wanders with it in her mouth, yowling, late at night.



Maribeth said...

What a beautiful picture! ANd what an awsome face and eyes!

Sue said...

Oh my, I know where you are coming cat (nearly a twin to yours if you look at my blog LOL) suffers from slight senility and spends the evening lost and crying :( Here via Michele's today.

Pearl said...

lol, that's cute.

Kimberly said...

Every couple of weeks, our cat Lyra starts up with an incessant meowling late at night. We always find her on the stair landing, standing over one of her furry toys. It seems to us that she's yelling at the toy for not moving. Silly kitty... but she makes us laugh.

Great photo!