August 13, 2006

Side Effects of Summer # Something...

Have you ever stretched out a few hours work to fill a whole day because you just couldn't get going?

If you said yes, you have company. Specifically, mine.

There's something about summer heat that causes my mental hamster wheel to go from the hamster to sloth setting; all the faculties slow down, the connections take longer to make, and I feel like I'm missing the obvious. I hate that feeling, rail against it. I know I'm not the only one.

Railing won't get the work done though, so really I ought to go back to the prose mines. The deadline looms.

At least I have company - the meowfia are feeling the heat all too well, and are lying prone in the tiny closet that is our computer room. I miss rain.


NetChick said...

Okie: I know you didn't mean this the way I read it: "Railing won't get the work done though"

Ooops. Perhaps my LA experience is coming back to haunt me, and I'm reading too much into that line?

Ha! Hey, we're booking White Water Adventure for 1st and 2nd... Z and J seem to be in, too! Wanna??!

Cin said...

LOL - That is TOO funny! It didn't even occur to me to consider that particular nuance when I wrote that line! I am so naive.

White Water is calling my name - will check in with the darling boy and find out if he's available. What fun!