October 16, 2006

Monday Morning Love List, #42

Not So Much - That our vacation time was a bit of a bust - we'd planned to spend the time on day trips and some much needed time together, but illness (the Yowler's) and a few unforeseen circumstances led to less fun than we'd hoped for. For the sake of our sanity, we're going away for all vacations from now on.

Love - That even through the towering frustration that was our vacation, I still caught myself watching my sweetie and thinking how glad I am that he shares my life. It seems that all of this still applies.

Love - As part of the much-needed clean-up of our apartment, I gathered my yarn stash and tucked it all away in the bottom of my chest of drawers. Seeing it all in one place has inspired me to get on with a couple of projects that I've been stalling on, AND to add a little something cozy and colourful for future inspiration. I'm not really the type to buy for the sake of buying (not much in the way of storage space at our place!) but knowing that I have a little bit of space in that drawer for a few specially chosen skeins, such as the Alchemy Yarn my sweetie fell for the last time we visited Urban Yarn is too much to resist. It might be time to compile a wishlist.

Love - This lovely gem that fell into my email today: "In the hope of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet." [Thank you Albert Schweitzer]. This past week has reminded me that I need to spend more time feeling grateful, and this line states it in a much kinder and gentler way than I probably deserve.

Love - The possibilities a fresh week provides.

So... what's on your list today?

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Carmi said...

Oooh, I love this quote. And I love the fact that you do indeed take the time to smell the flowers.

Can't wait to hear how your visit to the VHEC goes.