November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #20: 13 for the 11th

Thirteen Things I Look Forward To

1. In two weeks time I will have completed two more classes towards my certificate at Emily Carr, which actually puts me ahead of schedule. This would be me doing a snoopy jig of joy.

2. Once the classes are over I'll be able to focus on my list of wishful christmas projects.

3. I'll also have the time & energy to make my bacon and cheese quiche. Made from scratch, it's making and baking usually takes me through a couple of Band of Brothers episodes. Yes, I know I'm a geek.

4. Our wedding anniversary will arrive in less than 2 weeks, close to the peak of the craziness that is Lunchtruck's last class. For those of you keeping count, that's ... um... 8 years married + 10 years together = 18 years of crazy. I fully expect this relationship to become legendary amongst our families and friends, simply because we're volatile and emotional and squirelly and completely, utterly devoted to each other.

5. World Peace Day (November 17). I know, yet another day designated for something specific because we don't give it enough time during the course of our daily lives. Yes, with everything else that's happening in the world, sometimes it's hard to care. Trust me, I know. It would be easy to pile into that pit of despair and have a big ole pity party. But this year I'm going to try something different, and give the question of world peace (and for that matter, personal peace) the time it deserves. Who knows, maybe the changes I make in my life and the way I deal will have an impact in some small way.

6. The Langley Weavers & Spinners Guild Artisan Sale (November 4th & 5th). I added weaving to my 'wanna learn' list some time ago, but don't really think I'll be able to give it a go until late next year. Will that stop me from going and drooling at the work local artists are creating? Nope. I've been looking forward to this for months!

7. I don't do a lot for Christmas in the way of shopping - I'm lucky enough that friends and family are more interested in spending time together than getting loot. Having said that, there is some loot that needs buying, and I'd like to get that done this month so I can avoid the mall in December. Cause really, who wants to stress out in a mall with all the other stressed out people in December?

8. For those playing at home, you've probably figured out that November & December are my prime cocooning months, so I'll be cuddling up with my housmates (all 3) and digging into a few good books. I still have a copy of The Creators I've not yet cracked, and Gail Sher's Intuitive Writer has been singing it's siren song for weeks.

9. Along with books come movies. I think it's about time for another Pride and Prejudice fest. Maybe I'll finally know who made the better Elizabeth Bennet - Keira Knightley or Jennifer Ehle.

10. Yes, of course there's knitting. And visits to the LYS. I'm not talking about that though - possible Christmas presents are involved.

11. I'll finally get to a kniting meet up. Why? Because the idea of getting together with a bunch of like-minded ladies to knit and talk and drink coffee is very appealing.

12. More time with family and friends. Cause I've been neglecting everyone lately.

13. And finally, and on a much more serious note, I plan to attend the Remembrance Day service at Victory Square this year. There are a lot of reasons to be thankful right now.

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Tammy said...

I wish my family and friends were more like yours at Christmas.. my SIL makes you feel terrible if you don't get a wonderful gift for her and her BF.. I am sure they will love us this year since we have decided to only buy for our daughter and our parents.

Great list!

she said...

I always wanted to learn to knit but have more excuses than I can count on two hands for why I don't have the time ;(

I commend you on your plans for Nov. 11

Christina said...

It sounds like you have a lot to look forward to! One thing I love about this season is all the "cocooning" and knitting I get to do.

amy said...

Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to..I sooo would like to knit...There is great book you should read

The Shop at Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. Its about knitting and the relationship between the women who knit together..Great easy reading

Mine is up! Please stop by to vote for our daughters name!!!