November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #22: Live Through This

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Thirteen Things I've Survived, Mostly Unscathed
  1. Starting over in a new country (and I didn't even speak the language!)
  2. Being forced (as a newly-minted teen) to move away from my friends in the city to live in the 'burbs.
  3. Death of a beloved childhood pet.
  4. Parents' divorce.
  5. Multiple break-ups with my first love.
  6. Death of a family member.
  7. Amway.
  8. Finally marrying my true love.
  9. Losing good friends because they didn't agree with how we got married.
  10. Being downsized due to restructuring.
  11. Firings (doing and being).
  12. Scary bosses, nasty coworkers, and other corporate evils.
  13. The late 80's and early 90's (although the jury is still out on whether I'll ever manage to not flinch when seeing 'vintage' fashions of that era).
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alisonwonderland said...

you're pretty resilient, it appears!

thanks for stopping by my list. happy belated TT!

Kelli said...

That is quite a list! You have been through a lot, but I'm sure that you are strong person because of them. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

amy said...

You have experienced a lot! Mine is up and hubby has some old 80s and 90s videos up at

GuusjeM said...

re. #13 - it's scary isn't it that shoulder pads have come back - and today I saw someone wearing in leggings - in public! At an upscale mall no less!