December 01, 2006

Snow Quoted

"It's champagne Thursday."
"But today is Friday."
Champagne Thursday came twice this week."
"Ah, for the third week in a row."
"Yeah, they're thinking of making it permanent."
"Like daylight savings time?"

- Zoe Deschanel to Sarah Jessica Parker
in the mess that was Failure To Launch

The past couple of weeks have been a little tougher than usual for us poor, temperate forest, coffee-quaffing Vancouverites. We've had bad rains & snow, we've had water advisories, we've had problems getting quality coffee. All of this has been A Very Big Deal.

How big? Try front-page of the paper big:

Talk of The Town

For anyone not from here, you probably think we've been making a ski mountain out of a (bunny) hill. Probably. But snow is a big deal around here, and to get it in November when we expect it in January is a shock to the system.

When I wasn't cursing the black ice beneath my feet, I tried to make the best of it, as only a devoted amateur photographer could.

By capturing some of my favourite locales:

Van Art Gallery

Getting a kick out of the doggie fashions:

Cold Weather Fashions

And recording how the animals were faring.


Yes, there's more on my flickr site.

Happy Friday everyone. I'm going home this afternoon and kicking off the weekend by celebrating Champagne Thursday!


alisonwonderland said...

great photos!

enjoy 'champagne thursday'! :o)

Sarah said...

Brrrrh! I'm shivering just looking at your pictures. You captured the misery perfectly.

Im Chele In LA said...

Oh wow
ew snow.........
Sorry can't help it..
I live in Southern California for a reason...
Over from the other Michele's

srp said...

Here from Michele.
A bit dreary at times but still 80 here at the beach.....
It won't last though..... the plunge comes tonight.

Carmi said...

You turned lemons into lemonade: I can't wait for the snow to fly here so I can capture similar magic on this side of the country. Good on you for finding the bright side. Your pictures rock.

Kimberly said...

Looks and sounds familiar! There's still a bit of snow in well-shaded areas of our yard. Except for some problems getting down the hill on which we live to get to work, I loved the snow.

Anonymous said...

What awesome pictures, beautiful! Thanks for sharing.