January 15, 2007

The Cocooning Continues

I spent most of the freezing cold Vancouver weekend in my jammies. My mauve fleece jammies with skiing penguins on them, to be exact.

You'd think a grown woman wouldn't do that sort of thing anymore, but in my world this is a much-needed regular occurrence. In fact, it's safe to say that I've become quite fierce about my jammy days, and once decided on I rarely give them up.

The reason is simple - a day in jammies comes accompanied with endless pots of tea, hours under the duvet with a book or an old movie, and feline accompaniment of the most approving sort (because really, the only time they don't approve of lazing about is when tummy alarms are ringing). In short, it's a day when I don't have to answer to anyone (literally) and a chance to get my equilibrium back after a week or three of dealing with silly twits misguided individuals.

I think that's worth defending.

This time round was particularly satisfying - I had some paperback mysteries, a movie, and, a pot of Jasmine tea. I rarely drink Jasmine, but since National Hot Tea month has been declared by my neighbours to the South, I figured why not show a little solidarity? So I tried something new, and plan to try a few other new teas this month, although another jammy day isn't on the horizon any time soon.

Oh, and if you want to learn more about NHTM, why not visit Christine, the lovely proprietress of Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea?


Peg said...

Cin: Thanks for visiting my blog. It is quiet here at the moment, but we have gotten off lightly in all of the 14 storms that have hit our coast this winter!! I probably shouldn't mention that, as the weather gods might hear it and decide we need more weather!
I just signed up for a knitting retreat at the end of March with Fun Knits on Quadra Island. Go to the blog - www.funknits.blogspot.com and you can read about the retreat! It should be fun! I do not think there is a teacher, but I did ask about that and will await Shelley's reply! Teacher or not, I am going!

Crunchy Carpets said...

Hi...I spent today in my Jammies too!
But no cups of tea here...just yelling kids with runny noses.

Aaaanyway....i am a vancouver blogger..I had busy site for a while, a personal one that i deleted at Christmas for personal reasons and have revamped it as www.crunchycarpets2.blogspot.com...I have a wordpress one in the works too.

But I have started a community blog site for West Coast Women bloggers and wondered if you would be interested.
I am happy to do links and am also happy to have contributors write for it if they so choose!
Let me know what you think...



barbie2be said...

i spent sunday in my pink fleece pj pants with the rubber duckies on them, and the pink pj top with the candy canes on it so not only was i in my pjs all day, but they didn't match. :)

Cin said...

Well no one said you had to match!

In fact, why not throw (fashion) caution to the wind and take non-matching as one small step towards living on the wild side?

MissMeliss said...

My only problem with National Hot Tea Month is that my writing studio is as far away from my kitchen (and therefore the tea) as is possible within my house.

I haven't visited your blog in a while, but I always enjoy it when I do. You're on my blogroll for this reason. Any chance of a trade?

Cin said...

And what great writing you do in that studio of yours!

Now as for that link issue... well, not having you linked is all kinds of wrong, especially when I visit and lurk as often as I do! So I checked and realized I had you listed in my personalized google homepage, but not my sidebar. Gah! I hate oversights like that. Fixed now :)