February 09, 2005

In which our heroine makes a confession...

OK - I'll admit it. I am horrible at keeping up-to-date, let alone up-to-the-minute.

My current newspaper habit consists of reading the comics, considering the crossword puzzle, and sometimes scanning the 'lives lived' section. I eventually make it to all the other sections, but I'm in no hurry to have the headlines trumpet the latest horror or scandal at me. Ido occasionally visit news website, but I'm not exactly making that a habit. And I've figured out why.

I believe that if you want to get a quick snapshot of the world, reading the comics everyday is as good a way as any. For instance,
Luann, recently explored bullying, not in school, but amongst adults (Jan 9 - Jan 29). Then there's For Better or For Worse, where one of the main characters is discovering her distaste for a friend's opinions of what makes a person valuable (December 16 - 23). I suspect this story line isn't finished yet.

Want a break from your problems? Check out
Get Fuzzy and consider the trouble you could have if you inhabited Rob, Bucky, and Satchel's world. Two words for ya - chubby hugs!

By far my favourite of the moment is
Mutts, by the incomparable Patrick McDonnell.

Mutts - tea
Yup. I couldn't say it better myself.

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