February 22, 2005

She Looked upon her World, and pronounced it Good

Up Above

Sometimes you've just gotta be nice to yourself. I took Friday off work and gave myself the gift of a long weekend in which I'd basically just do what I wanted. I even made a list - "things I'd do if I didn't have to answer to anyone else". The best part is I feel better - balanced, happy.

It was a timely reminder that the things that please me and make me feel happy and content are simple: restful sleep, some time alone, good (not fast) food, the company of some good friends, a chance to be outside, trees, dogs and (of course!) a good cafe mocha.


Adrian said...

What a lovely little site you have created.
Your positive attitude is welcome pause in this busy office day.

Many thanks.

birdwoman said...

Days like this are more important as you get older and responsibility becomes almost mundane.

But I'd change it to a cafe latte.


Christine said...

Everyone needs to do that once and a while. It's easy to forget to take care of yourself when the rest of the world is wanting things from you. (That picture is wonderful, BTW!!)

Surfed in on Blog Explosion - glad I did!

Metro said...

Love the picture. I took a similar picture while hiking in New Mexico. I keep it in plain sight, so I have something calming when life seems overwhelming. Thanks for the blogmark.