February 21, 2005

Things I appreciate today....

  1. The sweet soul who daily offers to bring me tea since he's on his way to the cafeteria anyways.
  2. My beloved spouse who gives me a lift to work even though I could (and probably should) walk to work, but he'd rather drive me since it's still dark outside...
  3. Floor-to-ceiling office windows.
  4. It's February, and my sunglasses have seen almost daily use...
  5. My friends, who keep me sane and happy.
  6. My sister, who in spite of the age difference completely understands where I'm coming from, and puts up with my occasional maternal instincts.
  7. My family, who reminds me that no matter how often other people don't 'get' me, they always do.
  8. My cats, who know better than me when I need more sleep than I'm getting.
  9. A hot cup of something on a cold morning.
  10. The infinite possibilities a stick of graphite and a blank sheet can present.

What do you appreciate today?

1 comment:

David Fanning said...

Today I appreciate getting Blogmarked, and not much else to be honest. Thanks for that.