May 03, 2005

Joy of Tags

For the past few weeks I've been adding Technorati tags to various blog entries, partly because I have an ego like every other blogger (isn't that part of the reason why we all blog in the first place? We want to be heard?) and partly because I've found them extremely useful for finding other blogs that interest me. For instance, earlier this morning, a search for the tag 'Vancouver' led me to Jeneralize, a blog I probably would not have found otherwise.

Now that it's piqued my interest, I'm more than likely to revisit it, even though I know absolutely nothing about the author except that we both place a high value on
Project Guntenburg, and how...

" ... historical books, especially personal memoirs that had small print-runs - is the greatest justification (among many great justifications) for PG. These are the books that get lost forever, that end their lives in thrift stores and garage sales and, finally, dumpsters. Books disapppear forever - it happens all the time - and it’s a tragedy."

I couldn't have put it better myself, so I won't even try.

So what hidden gem's have you found lately?

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Russell said...

Here is a link to Technorati Tagger Too, a tool to help you tag your blog.