June 01, 2005

Greening the Balconyscape

She surveys her domain

Suddenly the balcony has become a favoured place, and all because I've recently started a modest herb garden. Her highness thinks she owns it, and has taken to surveying her domain each morning before munching on her breakfast appertif - cat grass.

...and this is mine...

She has no manners sometimes..

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julia said...

my cats try to roll around in the cat grass... even if its in just a little container like that

Anonymous said...

(mwa ha ha, my evil plan to addict your fellow meOWS to illicit cat grass is successful! i shall corner the market, i shall!)

Er, I mean, glad they liked their treats!

and...na na na, I made Cleo smile!


Ally said...

Is 'cat grass' a real thing, or just a name for grass you're growing especially for them? I've not heard of it - but my two would really appreciate it if I can get some from somewhere!

Cin said...

I've been lucky so far, she hasn't actually tried to roll around in it, although she does keep eyeing the greek oregano.

Ally - most pet stores carry an oat grass (Avena sativa) kit that should make your kitties very happy.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Oat grass!

You usually find it in pet stores in small, roughly 2inch by 4 inch containers. It grows very fast so if you can get it when it has been first planted and the grass has barely started to grow, it is best.

Give it a little light and water and before you can say "bad hair day" the stuff will look like a shaggy eighties metal star.

Valderbar said...

great pictures. idyllic scene.