June 05, 2005

Mondays - Love 'em or hate 'em, they're here to stay

I've found that on weekends I start my morning slowly, a little stretching, a cup of tea, a bath, maybe a bit of writing or sketching. I especially like it when the darling and the two-cat mafia continue snoozing as I quietly slip out of bed and have the apartment to myself.

But weekdays are a different animal altogether. There's too much rushing, too many last-minute things and "$%^&! I forgot to..." moments.

Mondays are already low on my list of favourite days, but all that unnecessary stress just makes the nausea level go sky-high.

.. and really, who needs that?

So, since my current morning habits are tinging my days with sallow and uneasy tones, setting the foundation for days that feel off-kilter & unsatisfactory, I figure it's time to change them. The starting off point? G
etting up a half hour earlier. Might take enormous discipline (something I'm not good at, even when fully awake) but it's something I'm willing to work up to.

Consider this a
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Hamel said...

There is nothing as serene or settling as the silence of the morning when the rest of the world sleeps.

Kimberly said...

Hi Cin, I'm visiting (for the first time) from Michele's blogroll game.

Good luck with establishing your new morning routine. I've decided it's time to get up earlier, too, and I'm hoping summer's early sunrises will help. (I'm just a little south of you, in Seattle, so the sun arrives slightly later than it does in BC.)

Indigo said...

Hi, this is my first time here. I try to get up 1 hour early about 3x a week. I figure, if I get up early, it's practically 'free' time. Sure, I'm pretty tired, but gotta love that free time!

Good luck with it.

Cara said...

Hello, Michele sent me! Even though I've been a stay-at-home Mom for 13 years....I haven't forgotten how awful Mondays are. The idea of you getting up 30 minutes early is an awesome idea but I could never do that. I try to squeeze as much sleep as I can out of the night/morning. Good luck trying to implement that schedule into your already hectic life! :o)