June 12, 2005

Mmmmm, carbs

That's what the sign above a table loaded with the latest offerings for the cooks or wannabe cooks of the world at the local Chapters.

I picked up one of the books and flipped through...

... glossy pictures
... airbrushed subjects

And it hit me -- Cookbooks are the new porn.

Breads & buns, cookies & cakes -- they were all memorialized and fetishized in the pages of these little books. I'm surprised they aren't considered contraband by the Atkins set.


julia said...

ohmigod... we have some of the best cookbook porn too because my partner wants to become a pastry chef. this one book full of cakes ahhhhhh!!!! and donna haye magazine is the worst.

Janet said...

LOL that's so true! And this is porn that LOOKS good! Hi, Michele sent me :-)