July 25, 2005

Back To (My Version Of) Normal

You know that feeling when you have something you want to say but the words that come tumbling aren't the right words, and then you suddenly realize you're making the whole thing too difficult for no other reason than that it's your nature?

Yeah. That's where I'm at today.


To all of you who posted a comment, emailed or called in response to my last post, all I can say is Wow. Thank-you. I had no idea. It means a lot to me that there are so many people who get what it is that I'm trying to do in this space.

And to that one person who tried (perhaps unwittingly... or is that witlessly?) to make me doubt myself?



MissMeliss said...

I have that feeling all to often. And then I have it's opposite, when I have the right words, but I'm so far from any means of writing/blogging/otherwise recording them, that I know they'll fade.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, yes I am all too familiar with that feeling. Heh.

Ok, I peeled through the comments on the previous posts, and can't figure out who you felt was ([un]wittingly) trying to make you doubt yourself. Gah! Stuff like this bothers me and wiggles in the back of my brain...indefinitely. :P

Ah well, i'm weird. Hmmm. And you're related. I'll fight you for title as Black Sheep of the family. Tee hee.

colleen said...

I call it my "normal abnormal." It's the best I can hope for.

Cin said...

Hey Ms Anonymous! The "let's make Cin doubt herself" comment actually came in the form of an email, so it's NOT in the comments area. Do not fret!

PS - maybe we could split the Black Sheep award? Say Black & Blacker?

Anonymous said...

That's CAPTAIN Anonomous, savvy?

(Hehehe => you must excuse my brief Captain Jack moments)

Ok, you can be part of the Black Sheep Club. The first rule of the Black Sheep Club is...

*breathes sigh of relief that she isn't going insane because she couldn't find the offending comment in a thread of only 13 posts*

*begins to worry that she is starting to enjoy run on sentences far too much*

E said...

Yes. I feel that way often. It helps me to write. Even if it's just to collect my thoughts. About your last post...this is my first visit here, but I've enjoyed reading and I hope you continue to post. Here via Michele today, but I'll be back