July 20, 2005

Which Way To Go?

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I've been writing a lot. In the journal. Reams of stuff.

Reading lots too. Like many people, I lost part of last weekend to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Basically doing lots of different things.

But have I posted? No.

Will I continue to post in the future? I'd like to, but I feel like I've moved away from my original intent.

For the handful of you that read this regularly - what have you enjoyed/got lots out of in the past? Now is the time for glowing comments, gentle criticisms & all the bits in between.


Valderbar said...

eek, you are just toying with the idea of going offline right?

Pearl said...

awww, say it ain't so....

Your original purpose was to get yourself to write, right? and you've drifted to inspiring people with gorgeous thoughts and pictures instead, right? You write uplifting beautiful thing beatifully.

really hard not to see this purely selfishly and wheedle, cajole and beg you to keep on writing online too.

let's look at this logically. http://www.technorati.com/search/aventurista.blogspot.com/ 19 people have blogrolled you. For every blogrolling, about 100 read and 1% of those comment, shall we say? Or you could check how much you're read at http://www.mybloglog.com/

That said, only continue if you're having a blast tho. If I learned one thing on vacation it was to not hold myself hostage to my own site or expectations and a blog can be for whatever I want it to be. Does that sway at all?

Claire said...

Hi, Here via Michele's...I have popped in a few time's before too and have always found your posts really interesting.

ADAMANT said...

I too am her via Michele...isn't everybody somewhere via Michele on a Friday?

Courtney said...

Yes, everyone is somewhere via Michele on the weekends. Including me.

Marti said...

first time here and please don't give up blogging! your blog is awesome!

Queenie said...

I've been here reading you since the very beginning (or close to that) and I have to say that if you love it? Stay with it!You may have moved from your original intent, but blogs are a constantly evolving thing and you never know what might happen!

Elohimus Maximus said...

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Mike said...

Hello Michelle sent me!

Christine said...

I sure wish I knew who this Michele was. :)

I would be really sad if you decided not to post anymore. I just enjoy reading you, I like your personality that shines through your words.

K-town said...

"To thine own self be true ... "

Anonymous said...

Um, Misha sent me. She says meow. She told me you'd understand.

L-girl said...


I love your blog, but blogging is first and foremost for you. I think if it doesn't serve a purpose in your life, if it becomes an obligation and not a joy, it's time to give it up. Or at least take a break (no need to declare it a final decision).

In my humble opinion, it's pointless for other people to say "stay with it" - they don't know what else you have going on in your life, and there are only so many hours in a day. Do what feels right to you.

Whatever you do, please stop by wmtc occasionally, or I will miss you too much!